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Summer Healthcare
Career Exploration Camp

JUNE 12 to JULY 7, 2023

This is a wonderful activity for the youth ages 5–17 this summer. The purpose of this camp is to expose youth to various healthcare careers through discussions, field trips, and interactive activities. There are also activities that are designed to help youth with reading and math.

Please take note that children age 5 years old must have completed kindergarten prior to the start of the summer camp.

We have 10 slots per age group.

Age groups:

1. 57 years old

2. 810 years old

3. 1113 years old

4. 1417 years old


  • Affirmations

  • Healthcare Speakers and Topics

  • Field Trips

  • Healthcare Skill Training

  • Suicide Discussion

  • Other Discussions

  • Cooking Contest

  • Trades

  • Fun Day

  • Finances

  • Reading Tutoring

  • Math Tutoring

  • Spanish

  • STEM Activities

Scholarship Recipient

VicTory 4 Kidz has a scholarship program for the Summer Healthcare Exploration Camp. There will be 20 scholarship spots. This is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Scholarship Pending

Aside from the scholarship recipient, there will be a scholarship pending, and we have 12 spots available. Scholarship pending means that the application is still being processed or evaluated and the decision has not yet been made regarding whether the child will be awarded the scholarship or not. This is also on a first-come, first-served basis, and must apply for the scholarship. Until a decision is made, the scholarship is considered to be pending. 

Letter to the Parents and Guardians

Hello Parents and Guardians!


Welcome to VicTory 4 Kidz.

We will be hosting a Summer Healthcare Career Exploration Camp at 409 North Wisconsin Street, Hobart, IN 46342, for four weeks during their summer vacation, from 9am to 3pm for kids ages 5-17. There will be a $25 non-refundable registration fee to join the camp.We aim to inspire kids at a young age to pursue healthcare careers by allowing them to learn about various healthcare careers.  Interactive games, healthcare professionals, and fun will be the primary focus. We will have a 4-week camp for them to learn, explore, and have fun. 


 VicTory 4 Kidz Family

A request for permission to attend VicTory 4 Kidz' 4 Week Summer Healthcare Exploration Camp.

Join in our event and sign the form. Parents and student must submit valid state ID.

Upload File

I grant permission to VicTory 4 Kidz to have my student camper ________________ attend the Summer Healthcare Career Exploration Camp. Also, I grant permission to have my camper's photo and videos be used by VicTory 4 Kidz for its publication. I understand that it will become the sponsor's property and release all claims to use of media.

Thanks for registering.

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