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Exploring Careers in Healthcare

Youth Healthcare Career Expo


The Youth Healthcare Career Expo that was held in March 2023 was a huge success. The event received positive feedback from teachers, principals, and exhibitors. The expo aimed to educate students and young adults about healthcare careers, and it exceeded its goal by providing insightful information and opportunities for networking. The event featured a range of exhibitors who represented different areas of healthcare, including medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and universities. Students had the chance to meet with healthcare professionals, learn about healthcare education and career paths, and participate in interactive workshops.


The feedback received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the expo. Overall, the Youth Healthcare Career Expo played a crucial role in providing young people with valuable information and resources that could help them make informed decisions about their future careers in the healthcare industry. Due to the success of our first Youth Healthcare Career Expo, we decided to host another one on October 8, 9, and 10, 2024.

Check the video below to see the snapshots of our first expo last March 13-15, 2023!

Expo Gallery last March 13-15, 2023

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Thank you for volunteering your time to provide VicTory 4 Kidz. This event is free to everyone. Donations (gift cards for door prizes and/or monetary) are accepted. Donations can be made through our website, or through Zelle and CashApp. Zelle: CashApp: $Vic4kidz

Youth Healthcare Career Expo Community Partners

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