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Exploring Careers in Healthcare

Youth Healthcare Career Expo

March 13-15, 2023 | Dean and Barbara White Community Center

9:30AM-11:30AM & 12:00PM-2:00PM

The purpose of this event is to expose youth, middle and high school students to various healthcare careers through interactive workshops, meeting healthcare leaders, and exploring different career paths.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in healthcare occupations is expected to grow 13% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations; this growth is expected to result in approximately 2 million new jobs over the decade. Opportunities arise from the need to replace workers who leave their occupations permanently, in addition to new jobs created by growth. Growth and replacement needs are expected to generate approximately 1.9 million openings per year on average.

This healthcare career expo would benefit the youth as they try to figure out which career in healthcare they are more interested in. This event will have 25-50 healthcare leaders talk about their careers and what they do. This is a great learning opportunity to gain knowledge about different healthcare careers.



Become an Exhibitor


Teachers & Students

Youth Healthcare Career Expo


We have more than 1200 registered students. 

Your participation is essential to ensuring that we provide a great experience for the students.  Exhibitors and ambassadors are asked to arrive one hour prior to the start of the session to ensure that we are ready to greet the youth. 

We need 4 Ambassadors to assist with greeting students per session, 3 Simulations Ambassadors Monday and Wednesday and 5 Simulations ambassadors Tuesday per session and Mock interviews Ambassadors to interview the students. 

Download a copy of the Ambassador Conduct Standards and Social Media Policy

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