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Applicant V4K10

List high school activities (student government, sports, publications, school-sponsored community programs, student-faculty committees, arts, music, etc.) List in descending order of significance.

1. Varsity Soccer
2. National Honors Society
3. Heath Occupations Students of America
4. National Technical Honors Society
5. Red Cross Club
6. French Club

List public service and community activities (homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy activities, work with a religious organization, etc.).  List in descending order of significance.

1. Student Aid at Nursing Home and Hospital
2. Youth Group
3. Lake Shore Paws Volunteer
4. Food Drive
5. Blood Drive
6. Kids Soccer Camp
7. Eads Elementary Carnival Fair- Munster Parks and Recreation
8. Leprechaun Flashlight Hunt- Munster Parks and Recreation

List awards, scholarships, publications or special recognitions you have received.

1. Indiana Soccer Coaches Association High School All-Academic
2. Principal's Honor Roll
3. "Coach's Pick" Award

Describe one specific example of your leadership. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Leadership  Abilities and Potential must confirm this experience). 

As I grew older throughout my soccer career, I have become a mentor for the younger players.When I was a freshman, the upperclassmen frightened me and were not approachable; I was too afraid to reach out to them for help. So, when I became an upperclassman, I decided to be as welcoming as possible. I was there when they had questions, needed help with anything inside or outside of soccer, while treating them as if we were life-long friends.

Describe a recent particularly satisfying public service activity. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Public Service must confirm this).

In my free time, helping dogs in need at my local animal shelter is extremely satisfying. I personally always had dogs in my household, and constantly want to bring new ones in (even though I cannot do so). So, I would travel 15 minutes away from home and walk dogs who are cramped in a cage all day, pick up their feces, bathe them if needed, and just give them attention.

Describe the education program you intend to pursue if you receive the scholarship.

If I receive this scholarship, I intend on pursuing nursing. I have fell in love with the person-to-person care as I am currently training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. I love being able to satisfy their needs and comforting patients who are distressed. Unfortuantly, without this scholarship, it will be extremely difficult to afford the costs of this programs in the future.

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