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Applicant V4K07

List high school activities (student government, sports, publications, school-sponsored community programs, student-faculty committees, arts, music, etc.) List in descending order of significance.

1. Basketball
2. Majorette
3. Choir

List public service and community activities (homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy activities, work with a religious organization, etc.).  List in descending order of significance.

Help with events at nursing homes

List awards, scholarships, publications or special recognitions you have received.

Pre Nursing scholarships from all 8 colleges

Describe one specific example of your leadership. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Leadership  Abilities and Potential must confirm this experience). 

I have the ability to get everyone’s attention in a room. I’m very passionate when it comes to anything I do. I respect has a lot to do with leadership and I have the upmost respect.

Describe a recent particularly satisfying public service activity. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Public Service must confirm this).

I worked with my Big cousin Crystal Thomas at a nursing home with a elderly event for the older people there of course. She had a family day for them to see theirs grandbabies and kids and family it was a amazing experience getting to see the elderly people see their love ones ❤️

Describe the education program you intend to pursue if you receive the scholarship.

I will pursue in pre-nursing to be able to expand on being around more medical issues, learning how to thrive in the medical field hand on and book wise. I want to be studious with learning more and being more open with helping others. How to be patient and etc

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