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Applicant V4K02

List high school activities (student government, sports, publications, school-sponsored community programs, student-faculty committees, arts, music, etc.) List in descending order of significance.

1. Soccer
2. Track and Field
3. Girls Wrestling
4.. National Honors Society

List public service and community activities (homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy activities, work with a religious organization, etc.).  List in descending order of significance.

1. Dress Project
2. Blankets for Rylie's
3. Food Pantry

List awards, scholarships, publications or special recognitions you have received.

1. No scholarships
2. Honor roll of excellence
3. Top 10 percent
4. Academic all- state/conference for soccer.

Describe one specific example of your leadership. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Leadership  Abilities and Potential must confirm this experience). 

President of NH, I have to lead my fellow members of National Honor Society to be the best that they cane be. I have to set an example for my fellow peers.

Describe a recent particularly satisfying public service activity. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Public Service must confirm this).

I started a dress closet for people who may not be able to afford prom or homecoming dresses. It has been very successful, but most recently we go our biggest donation from a local dress boutique and I cannot wait to see the turnout of people who can get dress. We have so many that it may feel like a dress store.

Describe the education program you intend to pursue if you receive the scholarship.

Nursing School to get my RN, BSN. I plan to attend Indiana University Northwest to pursue my schooling. My dream specially is anything from pediatrics to labor and delivery.

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