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Applicant V4K01

List high school activities (student government, sports, publications, school-sponsored community programs, student-faculty committees, arts, music, etc.) List in descending order of significance.

1. National Honors Society Health
2. Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
3. Varsity Volleyball
4.. Varsity Diving

List public service and community activities (homeless services, environmental protection/conservation, advocacy activities, work with a religious organization, etc.).  List in descending order of significance.

1. Volunteer Tutoring 2021-22(20 hours)
2. Volunteer Coaching 2020-21 (70 hours)
3. Kids camps for both volleyball and diving 2022-23 (17 hours)
4. Kids camp for volleyball 2019-21 (30 hours)

List awards, scholarships, publications or special recognitions you have received.

1. Academic High Honor Roll (4.0 and above)
2. All N.C.C 1st Team 2022 (Volleyball)
3. MVP 2022 (Volleyball)
4. Academic All N.C.C 2022 (Volleyball)
5. IHSVCA Academic All State 2022 (Volleyball)

Describe one specific example of your leadership. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Leadership  Abilities and Potential must confirm this experience). 

One of my recent examples of leadership come from our kids camp for volleyball. This is one of our service porjects in which we teach kids how to play volleyball for a total of 12 hours over the course of multiple days. This past year I was in charge of the littles, which is the Kindergardeners, and I was also overlooking the 5-6th graders. I came up with multiple different drills that accomodated the abilities of my group, ie. the kindergardener instead of doing passing circuits with volleyballs learned how to pass with balloons. I also heavily encouraged the kids to continue, ie. when the 5th and 6th graders were feeling frustrated I explained that they were doing good and to keep working at it. I also demonstrated for both age groups and participated alongside with them so they felt more comfortable. Even if this meant rolling on the ground and runnign alongside them.

Describe a recent particularly satisfying public service activity. (The writer of your letter of recommendation re: Public Service must confirm this).

Recently I have helped with my dive teams kids camp, in which I have volunteered to stay for 1 hour after practice for 5 Mondays to help kids who want to learn how to dive. This has included me: encouraging them when they are nervous or scared to do something, demonstrating dives and breaking them down into multiple, easy to understand steps, and thouroughly explaining dives. I have also helped them gain enough confidence to try again after failing a dive.

Describe the education program you intend to pursue if you receive the scholarship.

I intened to go to IUPUI to pursure a major in Biology BS, in which after that I intended to attend medical school and later become and oncologist.

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