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VicTory 4 Kidz Welcomes You

Healthcare Career Exploration Program


Inspiring and Transforming Children

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Founded in 2022 by Dr. Regina Beard, RN , VicTory 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire young children to pursue healthcare careers by exposing them to various healthcare careers. We have camp sessions, a one-week long camp for children ages 10-13 years old. We collaborate with different people and organization to teach our student campers different things that would help them even on their daily life.

VicTory 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization that encourages, fosters and supports diversity and inclusivity.  

We teach. We inspire. We transform.


The mission of Victory4Kidz is to equip the youth with resources, transformative learning experiences, and mentorships through career exploration for pathways to success.

Our Focus

Heart of our Program



Student Empowerment

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We provide children information about various kind of healthcare careers and enlighten them the importance of these careers in our daily lives and in the community.

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We aim to transform children to be a better citizen that could change and impart great things in the society.

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We empower children to start leading their own lives towards a better future and to create a mission that would make a change in the community.

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